Tucker® Water Fed Systems

Tucker® has a complete range of systems that are available for any situation or budget. Browse the Tucker® Pro-Rinse Water Detailing System, the Tucker® RO/DI Cart or RO/DI System. Click the button below to check out our entire selection Tucker® pure water systems.

The Tucker® Pro-Rinse Pure Water Detailing System

Tucker® Pro-Rinse Pure Water Detailing System

The Tucker® Pro-Rinse Pure Water Detailing System is one of the easiest systems on the market! Simply hook it up your standard garden hose to the inlet and pure water will come out. This system includes lightweight anodized aluminum feet which keeps it off the ground, further protecting your investment. If you are interested in trying pure water technology this is an excellent option before you invest in a larger, more advanced system such an RO/DI system. tt’s one of the lighter systems available on the market that comes at a great price.


  • Lightweight – Weighs in at only 20 pounds!
  • Compact – Measures 36”
  • Cost Effective – Economical replacement filters
  • Long-lasting components -stainless steel and anodized alloy
  • Easy change filters
  • Affordable price
  • Made in the USA


The Tucker® RO/DI Cart

Tucker® RO/DI Cart

The Tucker® RO/DI cart is the most popular Tucker system. It’s best for those with soft water working with a TDS of below 100. The Tucker® RO/DI cart is 3 stage purification system built in a lightweight steel frame. This system includes a lightweight and power frame that aids in reducing wear and rust. Large wheels included for navigating rough terrain.

The system consists of 3 stages of filtration: combination carbon/sediment filter, 40″ RO membrane, and a refillable 1/8 cubic foot DI filter. Purchase of the Tucker® RO/DI cart also comes with 50′ of 3/8″ hose and a hand held TDS meter.

Purchase with a Tucker® Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole and save, it’s a great combination! Don’t forget to check out our write up on the Tucker® Carbon Fiber water fed pole.


  • Lightweight Steel Frame
  • Pump less system
  • Three Stages of Filtration
  • Push water 2-3 stories with ease
  • Operate laying down or standing up


The Fill N’ Go RO/DI System

Check out the Fill n Go System

Fill N’ Go RO/DI System

The Fill N’ Go RO/DI System is a 4 stage RO/DI system mounted to a 50-gallon tank system. It incorporates a 12v system with removable front panel for winter storage. It also comes with a metal reel with 300′ hose capacity (hose is not included). Dimensions are 43x28x37 and economical in size to fit in your vehicle. This particular system is ideal if you need to produce purified water on site and then transport and deliver water to your water fed pole.



  • Aluminum Truck Mount Frame
  • 50-gallon tank
  • On Board TDS Meter
  • Delivery Pump Controller
  • Inlet Pressure Guage
  • Battery Box (Battery not included)
  • Hose Reel w/ 300ft 3/8in Hose Capacity
  • DI shut off valve for running RO water only


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