Tucker® Water Fed Poles

Full carbon fiber poles that come in 25″, 35″, 45″, 57″ and 69″. The Tucker® pole comes with a gooseneck, brushes, and hose to make them fully compatible with any water fed system.

Up close with the Tucker® Carbon Fiber waterfed pole


  • Hybrid / Nylon Bristles
  • Double Trim
  • Sizes: 12 in.- 18 in.
  • Top of the line


  • New and improved
  • Plastic clamps
  • Durable
  • Easily adjustable

Carbon Fiber

  • Full carbon fiber
  • Light weight
  • Rigid
  • Durable


  • Add-on sections
  • Provide more height
  • Full carbon fiber
  • Buy as you grow
















Tucker® Brush

Tucker Waterfed Pole Brush

The Tucker® Carbon Fiber wfp comes with the 12″ Dual Trim Pencil Jet brush. Tucker® is known for their reliable and high-quality waterfed pole brushes. Their bristles don’t get deformed easily and their high bristle count is beneficial in making it an aggressive brush. Check out our full write up the Tucker® Water Fed Brushes.

Tucker® Clamps


The Tucker® Carbon Fiber waterfed pole comes with plastic clamps. The clamps are bolted on instead of glued so replacing a damaged clamp is easy.. The user can extend or collapse the section making this wfp user-friendly and easily adjustable as you work. These clamps will not wear or break easily and include a 1-year warranty.

Tucker® Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Pole Close up

A lot of thought was put into the newest design of the Tucker® Carbon Fiber water fed pole. It is a full carbon fiber model. The composition is part of what makes it both light-weight and rigid.

Add or Remove Sections at Anytime

Perhaps one of the greatest features of the Tucker® Carbon Fiber water fed pole is its ability to grow with you and your business. If you even need more height you can simply add Tucker® Carbon Fiber Extensions. For instance, adding 2 fully telescoping sections to the 25″ pole will give you a new reach of 35″ (working height). Accordingly, if you purchase a 35″ you can add sections to the pole to achieve a 45″ or even 60″ model.

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